About Us

Party Bus Chicago is one of the premiere party bus rental services in Chicago and its surrounding areas. It is known for being one of the best services of its kind in Illinois and is regularly hired for celebrities and big ticket events. The company owns a large fleet of modified buses that vary in capacity and features. From 20 people transports to extremely large buses that can accommodate almost 40 people — everything is available. The company is also extremely well known for being flexible with pricing and offering attractive packages to make it easy for anybody to hire the buses.

These buses are driven by trained professionals and there’s also the option to add other service providers to enhance the experience of your guests. The company provides pick up and drop services, as well as one way packages. This leaves you free to choose whatever suits your needs the best. Your party bus will wait for you at separate waiting rates. So you can plan your trip freely and make as many stops as you want. Perfect for taking your new family off on a trip of the city and giving them the royal treatment right from the airport and right up to the time they go back.

Party Bus Chicago has a large fleet that provides an extensive range of buses as options for your event. Whether you want a bus that suits the taste of young party goers or a bus that is more suitable for corporate honchos — there’s something there for every occasion. There are sleek and sexy black buses and elegant and chic white buses too.

Need more information? Call us now and find out more about Chicago party bus rental services. Arrange for a visit to the fleet and make your plans.